Technical Support
The Client's Module

The Client's Module is to be installed on the computers, which don't have modem. After you start the program, it's icon will appear on the taskbar.

First of all you need to edit Client's Module options in the options window.

On the 1st page of the options window you must fill in:
  • IP address of the computer with the modem
  • Access password of the Server Module
There are following options in this window:
  • Launch the program automatically on Windows startup
  • Automatically accept "hang up" request
  • Show the time of connection on the taskbar
  • Disconnect on quitting the program
  • Close the chat window after sending the message
  • Use the port of connection with the server differ from 21190
  • Close the main window after a certain time interval
There are following options on the 2-nd page:
  • Show client's module window above all windows
  • Synchronize the time with the computer with modem (to make it correctly the Server Module must also synchronize the time after connection)

  • Use personal login and password (VIP-connection). Under VIP-connection all other clients are blocked, and only VIP-client control this connection (except server). Login and password are sent encrypted to server only once before connection. After disconnection this data are automatically deleted from server. The client's password is saved encrypted in the registry.

  • Load the interface file. File name format - lang*.ini
On the 3-rd page of options:

Fixing the key buttons.

On the 4-th page of options:
  • Use the personal key of encryption. You can create a new key or use the existing one. You must keep this key in secret.

  • Default connection. You can create a connection, which will be using after clicking a hot key button. This option is available without connection.

On the 5-th page of options:

Here you can name the programs (and edit their options), which will be automatically started after connection or disconnection.

After editing save the options of the Client's Module. If IP address, port of connection and password are put in correctly, the connection accepts, and the program icon changes.

If you click on the icon, the program main window opens.

The statistics of connection is represented in the main window of the Client's Module. Here you can see the name and the speed of connection, the amount of sent and accepted information, period of connection.

There are 3 ways of starting the connection:
  • from the main menu Client's Module

  • with the hot key
  • on request of any Internet application, if this option is allowed on server

You can open the Chat window:
  • from the main menu Client's Module
  • with the hot key
All Chat messages are saved in ChatLog directory.
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