Technical Support
The Server Module

Server Module is installed on the computer with the modem. The program icon will appear on the desktop near the clock after starting the program.

Clicking on it you can open the main window.

The statistics of connection is represented in the main window of the Server Module. Here you can see the name and the speed of connection, the amount of sent and accepted information, the number of active Clients, period of connection.

If you click the button "Details" in the main window during the connection, you can find out IP address of the provider, IP address of the server and protocol of connection with the provider.

The button of Connection Editor is below.

With the help of Connection Editor you can create, edit or delete connections. Here you can also put in login and password of the provider and the phone numbers. The password is saved encoded in the registry.

Notice: the program doesn't change the login and password, which were installed in the system before, but only read it. If you want to keep passwords in the program, you must provide that they are not kept in Windows (especially Windows 9x). The program doesn't allow to open password with OpenPass.

In the Connection Editor you can choose a connection, which will be started after clicking a hot key. You must choose a connection and click the button "Set as default".

Press "Options" button to open Options window.

There are some useful options:
  • Password protect
  • Start server on Windows logon
  • Idle time when dial up and before connetion
  • Idle time before hang up connection
  • Send hang up query to all
  • Redial attempts on busy
  • Time between redial attempts
  • Minimal connection speed
  • Use non standart (21190) client connection port
  • Enable http(s) proxy and choose port
  • Enable ftp proxy and choose port
Next tab - Additional.
  • Show always on top
  • Dial on demand at query client. Function availible only for authorized clients.

  • Dial on demand only at query to Proxy
  • Redial if connection fail
  • Show time in System Tray
  • Hang up connection on exit
  • Don't show client query window. But clients will be receive hang query anyway.

  • Synchronize system time with following server
  • Load language interface. Filename format - lang*.ini

Next tab - Hot Keys.

Assign impotent function to hot keys.

Next tab - Special.
  • Use personal encryption key. You can create a new key or use the existing one. You must keep this key in secret.

  • Enable lock connection option. Enable lock connection by administrator.

  • Enable lock connection by clients. Lock will be disable automatic after hang up or by administrator.

  • Check WinRoute mail. Option will be enable when Winroute install on server PC and remote Winroute web interface availible (Port 3129).

  • Show host name in log (add to IP). Enable this option if DHCP are use. This is nessesary for normal analyze of traffic.

  • Close chat window on send
Next tab - Traffic.

For normal analyze of traffic you must:
  • Check all Ethernet adapters
  • Add proxy IP and port to proxy list if local proxy are use.
  • Add mail server IP and ports to proxy list if local mail server are use.
  • Check all local mail servers and ports in proxy list.
There are some other options:
  • Dial on demand at query to local mail servers. Check this option if Internet connection need when client check mail.

  • Analyze only Proxy servers. Will analyze only proxylist without NAT.

  • Send real traffic to clients. Will send to every client his Internet traffic.

Click on the "Traffic" in pop up menu of program.

Next tab - Programs.

Add the programs to list which you need to start when you connect/disconnect.

Last tab - Remap.

Use this tab for port remap. Type local port in the first field, remote host in the second field and remote port in the last field. Press "Apply" to activate.

There are 4 ways of starting the connection:
  • from the main menu Server's Module
  • with the hot key
  • by client
  • by client's program which are want to connect to the Internet.
You can open the Chat window:

  • from the main menu Client's Module
  • with the hot key
All Chat messages are saved in ChatLog directory.
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